Aubrey [Solid Groove / Ferox / Metroplex]

DJ - Travels from Berlin, GER

A UK portside artist with a sound so chic it could almost be French techno resistance, Aubrey and his Solid Groove label remain pioneering sailors of an untouched, unassailable sound. DJ sets and the kinetic energy of Aubrey’s tracks channel French house rhythms with looping arpeggios of pounding grit and crunch. Of ‘90s aesthetic and deliverance, the drums are hard and rolling old school, giving high def club fidelity and style to the way his music is heard. A seasoned player knocking the walls of clubs like fuse, Tresor and this year’s ADE at RADION, to spots in Detroit, London and Moscow, he’s a principle key in the ‘for those who know’ mindset.

A prolific producer, Aubrey’s music graces an arc of labels by way of Ostgut Ton, Mosaic and Ferox, to Metroplex and Sistrum, putting paid to the layers of his unique sound intersecting Berlin, London, Detroit and Chicago. By no means underwritten, too, Aubrey’s way of dub influences provides a light veil to his obscurity, giving his music and DJ sets a streetwise edge to play with the allure of tempo and atmosphere. With tracks approved and licensed by Sven Väth and Carl Cox to Ryan Elliot, Finn Johannsen and Dario Zenker, more times than not Aubrey is the seal of approval.