Blake Baxter [Mix Records / Tresor / KMS / Underground Resistance]

DJ / Live - Travels from Los Angeles, USA (flight share)

Among the founders of Detroit techno music, Blake Baxter and his sultry technique has always oozed panache. With an underground poetic laced through the harder drum work of his craft, Baxter’s finesse is always found in an ability to combine the soulful with the gritty. Unaided by a laptop, on the fly sequences and programming push the acid-flecked sounds of his live PA, with his selections behind the decks, plucked from the outer fringes of classic house and techno, only adding to the mystique of his character.  
With his ‘91 Prince of Techno EP for Underground Resistance still a landmark release to this day, his work over the next decade shaped the formation of ‘90s techno, and in Berlin Baxter was part of a most vital epoch in dance music’s visualization of the future.
With records for KMS and Incognito, Tresor and Disko B took Baxter’s Michigan beats and lyricism to its furthest reaches globally.
With a career spanning 30 years, his works, performances and collaborations take in partnerships with Abe Duque, Orlando Voorn, Ben Sims and Marc Romboy. The Detroit artist's cultural contribution to techno, and paving of a transatlantic legacy between the US and Europe, is never short of being documented. And rising through the catacombs of club culture, to headlining festivals, and reaching mass appeal, Baxter’s techno de hommage still beats to the sound of the underground.