Cindy Looper [Golden Pudel / TCCC]

DJ - Travels from Hamburg, GER

Sending an anchor into Hamburg’s teeming underground, Cindy Looper is a roving promoter, modern day socio-political opponent and DJ of ill ilk. A bona fide resident and selector of reckless electro at Golden Pudel Club, her roving Erdogay parties offer Hamburg’s queer identity a buttress to submerge themselves in an underlying narrative refuting gentrification and patriarchy. By the way of house, techno to the doom metal, kassierer-punk and ‘80s obscurities that her deep after hours sets produce, it already counts Rroxymore, Electric Indigo and Whirlpool Productions’ Eric D. Clark as support, Alex Solman approved.

Co-founder of data:base, a community explicit in pushing female artists and musicians from Hamburg…. With her name dotting the streets of Hamburg’s clubland, supporting the likes of DJ Stingray and Dopplereffekt to keeping Karenn and Boys Noize in check, the words Cindy Looper have become its own replica of Los Angeles' Hollywood Sign, a secure fixture overlooking the city. With back-to-back sets with Helena Hauff and bookings further afield with Paula Temple’s Noise Manifesto, she’s no stranger to controlling ruffian dancefloors, and if Hamburg is really ‘Tor zur Welt’ then Cindy Looper is its keeper.