Mørbeck [Code Is Law / Vault Series]

DJ - Travels from Berlin, GER

A linchpin of the industrial clubbing landscape, Mørbeck is a heavy-duty link in evolving, expanding and innovating the sound of quintessential Berlin techno. Born and bred in the German capital, his hip hop-influenced, foundry style of production first gained footing on Vault Series, and over a three year period it was his main outlet before launching his own label, Code Is Law, in 2013. Alongside cohorts Sawlin and Subjected, his reputation for darker-tinged industrial beats, dense sound design and haunting atmospheres were unmatched, and leading up to his 2015 double EP T.R.I.P.S., Mørbeck productions were lifted by the likes of Perc Trax, M_REC LTD, Soma, Fifth Wall and Fanon Flowers’ Mechanism Industries.

A former resident DJ of Moscow’s Monasterio club and Berlin’s Stattbad, Mørbeck’s fierce sound, to devastating effect, spans warehouse and festival environments. Touring the world over, playing the likes of Berghain, Vent (Tokyo), ADE closing parties and Dystopian showcases, he’s a regular name on line ups alongside the likes of Robert Hood, Marcel Dettmann, Vril, Bjarki, Rødhåd, Function, Shifted. Code Is Law label nights, furthermore, have taken hold of Paris and Berlin over the years, with the label counting Eomac and Sawf as contributors, to becoming a platform to nurture the burgeoning talents of producers Janzon and Under Black Helmet.
And with podcasts for the likes of Groove, Slam, HATE, Smokemachine, Polegroup Radio or Electric Deluxe further supporting his cultivated aesthetic, Mørbeck’s definition of techno only adds to the vista that is German techno.