Murat Tepeli [Potion / Ostgut Ton / Playhouse]

DJ - Travels from Berlin, GER

A loved and trusted personality of Berlin, Murat Tepeli, is an unassuming DJ and producer of the highest ilk, and his homage to house music help set in motion a renaissance the genre experienced at the turn of the decade. This was in part due to his now timeless Serenity LP for Ostgut Ton almost a decade ago, an everlasting ode to the eternal, deepseated and emotional sounds of ‘90s Chicago. The soul nourishing selections and occasional breakbeat flair of his DJ sets are hinged on a love for reduced deep house that champions big basslines, slamming drums, offbeat percussion and vocal hooks. Drawing on his eclecticism, physicality of the music and its sentimental elements, few DJs can hit a dancefloor’s sweet spot like Murat. Balancing his music career alongside his medical work as a qualified trauma surgeon, Murat’s command behind the decks comes from more than 20 years experience, with his roots stemming back to ‘90s hip hop and drum and bass. With legendary sets over the years taking place in Fabric and Panorama Bar, to Rex Club and Amsterdam’s Paradiso, Murat’s DJing ability sees the artist eschew any immediate need to release music in order to reach an international audience. Counting Playhouse and Philpot as home to his solo productions, it’s been some four years since his last record. For most this could threaten the longevity of an artist’s existence, for Murat, however, it simply provides testament to how much a bonafide mainstay he really is.