Partiboi69 [Unprotected Records]

DJ - Travels from Berlin, DE

Bringing a new kind of freak to dank meme culture, ‘90s visual aesthetics and narcaotic-laced sexual innuedo, Partiboi69 is being touted across the internet as “sex icon and enigma of the Australian underground."

CEO of Unprotected Records and Stingboi Productions, Partiboi69’s notorious online mixes have literally drawn in millions of views, convincing fools with a legit, ketamine krooked take on ghetto house, electro and R&B set to a backdrop of hood footage, bouncing booty and Gran Turismo gameplay. Pure fire!

Maxing New Balance 624s, gold chains, budgie smugglers and hitman jackets, Partiboi69’s sound - as heard on “Dip On The Dancefloor”, “Can I Vape In Here” and “Unprotect My Heart” - now makes its way from Melbourne’s drag race scene and into the European badlands.

With a forthcoming white label release pressed up for Unprotected Records, Partyboi69’s ghetto tech mindset, alt-humourism and fly bravado ain’t no joke - and the best thing to come from down under since Honeysmack, Voitek and the dearly departed Bang Gang DJs.