Projekt Gestalten [VRAAA Records]

DJ, Travels from Berlin, GER

Projekt Gestalten is the identity of Brazilian techno producer and DJ, Diego Garcia; exploring melodic, harmonic and hypnotic sounds associated with techno.

Diego is the head of queer label VRAAA Records. Its goal is to open a space for queer, queer-friendly and feminine artists within the context of techno and to contrast opposing gender views on the same release. The first EP was pressed on a pink and black marbled vinyl featuring original tracks by Diego and remixes by German DJ Anja Zaube and the heavyweight techno duo I/Y in their last official production before they disbanded with the project.

Diego also holds a residency for five years in the acclaimed Pornceptual collective; a project exploring pornography as a form of art, promoting events and parties around the world where its guests are encouraged to freely explore their sexuality.

Always wearing a white laced wedding dress while performing, Diego have played in many clubs and parties around the world and recently did a Boiler Room mix in collaboration with Pornceptual. The live broadcast on YouTube was taken off the air halfway thru due to the explicit content and later posted on PornHub instead.

Having spent many hours as both raver & DJ on many dance floors around the world and clocking countless and countless of hours being exposed to techno, Diego built a name in the Berliner nightlife and is deeply connected to its scene. Their sets can be either cinematic, melodic, aggressive or hypnotic but, most of all, they tell a story with the audience throughout the music.