Savas Pascalidis [Sweatshop / Non Series]

DJ - Travels from Berlin, GER

Purveyor of an unwieldy and streamlined approach to techno, Savas Pascalidis, could be considered something of a modern constructivist within the German techno order. Boasting a ‘90s vintage sound in both his production and DJ sets, a streak of classic hypnotic US-techno underlines a sound orbiting an axiom of non-vocal house. Outside of his own Lasergun and Sweatshop labels, this sound has been picked up by the likes of Non Series, Mote Evolver, Skudge and Figure, backed by his storied career with DJ Hell’s Gigolos Records.

Travelling the world over as a DJ, Pascalidis remains a prevailing figure of Berlin’s city club landscape. Taking in a wild array of club and rave genres, Pascalidis adorns the likes of Hi-NRG & Acid House with his warehouse degree of German made techno precision. And with 25 years and counting in the game, no one quite speaks the volumes of a refined techno aesthetic like Pascalidis.