WarinD [WarinD Records / Overdraw / Instruments Of Discipline]

DJ / Travels from Rome / Naples, IT

Giuseppe De Chiara’s WarinD project is influenced by Acid, melancholic and distorted sounds. He has his own record label "WarinD Records" and has released artists such as: Thomas P.Heckmann, D.Carbone, Codex Empire, Huren, Sarin, VSK, Max Durante, Trym and more. WarinD was featured on labels such as: Instruments of Discipline, Overdraw, Tripalium Corp and Khemia. He’s been busy playing in some of the best clubs around Europe: Basis, Tresor, Kompass Klub, Electrowerkz… and has toured around the world. He also operates under the alias "The 19th Sagittarius" with an ambient, EBM and noise style. WarinD’s sets incorporate techno, hard-groove and acid. He expresses his inner war, through music.