WarinD [WarinD Records / Overdraw / Instruments Of Discipline]

DJ / Travels from Rome / Naples, IT

Giuseppe De Chiara began his WarinD project, influenced by Acid, melancholic and
distorted sounds in September of 2015, In the same time, he started his own record
label "WarinD Records" to release his first productions. WarinD Records has
welcomed in his roster artists as: Huren, Sarin, VSK, Max Durante and more.
In 2017 Giuseppe started a new alias "The 19th Sagittarius", which is more
influenced by cold wave, EBM and noise music.
To date WarinD features on well known labels such as Instruments of Discipline,
Overdraw, Tripalium Corp and Asteroid.
WarinD has been busy playing in some of the best clubs around Europe: Basis,
Tresor, Kompass Klub, Electrowerkz, Transport, Duel, Soniche Festival and
Napusten in Italy to name but a few.
He is very appreciated for the skills and energy he employs in his DJ sets, which
incorporate techno, hard-groove and acid. He feels the need to express his inner war,
though music.