DJ MELL G [Juicy Gang]

DJ - Travels from Hamburg, GER

Straight outta Hamburg’s underground scene like a post-booty internet meme is producer and DJ Mell G! Pushing all manner of ghettotech, breakbeat, jungle and footwork styles to booty bass, electro and R&B in her sets and productions, “to be honest,” she says: “people have only understood my music since Covid-19.”

Using the world wide pandemic as her launchpad, self-released tracks like “Question My Love”, “i fcck as i live” and “break y0 neck” have coalesced in the release of her debut mini-LP: BOOTY FABULOUS. Launching her own label Juicy Gang in tandem with a quick fire run of singles, remixes and premieres across the internet, Mell G tracks have appeared on compilations for low income $quad, London’s Childsplay, and most notably the “U Better Shake A$$” collaboration with Jensen Interceptor for International Chromies Vol. 3.
As a DJ Mell G’s broad, silky smooth and sidewinding style can be found in sessions with hamburg elektronisch and PAL TV via Actionreplaycodes to Berlin’s live stream HÖR and broadcasts in the UK with Rinse and Foundation FM - pushing the best in underground talent. Hamburg in the haus.

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