Golden Medusa [Leisure System]

DJ - Travels from Berlin, GER

A denizen of Berlin’s underground, Golden Medusa has emerged from a queer, eclectic and experientaly-minded music scene. A protege of Konx-Om-Pax to begin with, Golden Medusa moved to Berlin in 2011 where she’s helped cultivate and develop leftfield ideologies, artistic processes and cultural platforms in Berlin, drawing inspiration from friends and colleagues in the club, DJ and festival circuit, for the past 10 years.

With an abstract vision for the dancefloor and warped junglist’s approach to DJing, Golden Medusa has garnered sets at clubs like Berghain, OHM and Griessmühle to ://about blank and Säule, while bringing her leftfield approach and multifaceted style to Herrensauna line-ups, Berlin’s outlandish Atonal festival and others further afield.

Converging techno and electro with futuristic breakbeats, rave and referential free-party sentiments, Golden Medusa’s many mixes include appearances on Rinse FM and Threads Radio to recordings for Occult Rituals and her own mixtape series.

Weaving more rave and bleep culture through ambient fields of broken IDM and other deconstructed sonics, she was the label and event manager for Leisure System, and co-host of the Leisure System Radio show alongside Sam Barker; positing a sound, vision and post-rave aesthetic for the dancefloors of a future generation.

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