Sync 24 [Cultivated Electronics]

DJ / Live - Travels from London, UK

Given that a spotlight trend can shine on a genre at any given time, only a certain few producers can truly say they were there well before, and after, popular appeal takes place. London’s Sync 24 is an electro devotee whose imprint in the scene since the early-2000s has perpetuated the demand for electro in contemporary techno clubs, working most directly with the likes of Jensen Interceptor, Privacy, Morphology, Silicon Scally and The Exaltics.

His repertoire of sound sees his style converge the energy of a Den Hague basement rave mixed with round 808 kick drums and classic Detroit-influenced textures, with obotic grooves and flitters of cyber, sci-fi themes running solidly through his productions.

His Cultivated Electronics label, too, has been operating for more than 12 years and has released music from artists as diverse as DMX Krew, James T. Cotton and E.R.P (aka Convextion) through too Versalife, Plant43, Boris Divider and Alpha 606. With his latest solo releases for Central Processing Unit and Propaganda Moscow now added to his growing discography, Sync 24, while remaining a guardian of electro and its perimeters, continues to wield influence in defining the shape and legacy of the genre and its modern contemporary language.

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