Jerome Hill [Super Rhythm Trax / DON'T / Hornsey Hardcore]

DJ - Travels from London, UK

A cultural leader when it comes to spreading the word, love and appeal of techno music the world over, the UK’s Jerome Hill is a living legacy. From running five extraordinary and much-loved record labels - DON’T, Super Rhythm Trax, Bleeper, Hornsey Hardcore & Fat Hop - to decades spent managing record shops and playing illegal raves in London - Jerome Hill is a life dedicated to music.

Technically one of the best mixers around, and one of the few to successfully integrate scratching and turntablism into techno and rave - alongside his hip hop, funk and soul sets - Hill’s first priority is always the atmosphere and vibe of the room.

Revelling in the shared experience by tweaking atmospheres and deftly bouncing between moods, Hill’s 'hands on' mixing style motions from dramatic and humourous all the way to obscure and techno-serious thanks to decades of experience behind the decks.

Coining the term ‘wonky techno’ back in the day to help define a movement pioneered by cohorts such as Cristian Vogel, Neil Landstrumm and Subhead - Jerome Hill as we speak can now be seen frequenting line ups alongside Forest Drive West, Randomer and Privacy - to legends of the scene Galaxian, Regis, Juan Atkins and all nighter back-to-back sessions with Ben Sims.

Respected as a DJs DJ - and never the diva - Jerome Hill can be spotted deftly balancing a shaky turntable and half-full beer on Trailer TV, to dropping bombs for a booming techno session with FOLD, or sharing the decks with Manni Dee on Rinse FM.

Forever keeping hope alive for both punters and artists alike, Jerome Hill’s DON’T parties have furthermore reconnected his veteran crowd with a new reach of fans, that despite the ups and downs of modern life, keep the new school raver, old school head and music lover united all the same.

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