Ngoni Egan [United Identities]

DJ / Live - Travels from Rotterdam, NL

Raised in Dublin and based in Holland, Ngoni Egan is a machine-wares producing DJ whose sound is up there with the very best of modern day standards. Having transplanted to Rotterdam after running the gamut of Ireland’s club-scape - frequenting Irish venues like The Bernard Shaw, Yamamori Tengu, Wigwam and Index - his DJ-and-live sets have seen him line up internationally alongside DJ Hell Helena Hauff, Privacy and DJ Stingray to landing bookings inside Glitch, Orbit, DGTL and Dekmantel Selectors festivals.

With stand out club appearances at Herrensauna, Corsica Studios, De School, Nitsa and a phenomenal live debut at Berghain, Ngoni’s sound is full of pace, bombastic and in-line with a historical Detroit lineage. With a smattering of music to be found across a clutch of Irish labels, it’s his ‘Re Teng’ opus for United Identities that signals the producer’s musical intentions and snappy flair for white hot, minimal and riffing electro.

Sequencing frenetic beats and deep sea grooves for the dancefloor - it’s an industrial side to his sound that takes inspirations from the likes of Dynarec-through-DeFekt in a movement that his Lepton collective have held down through associations with the likes of Alienta, Dez Williams and Jensen Interceptor all the more.

With a high tempo attitude, solid electro framework and tenacious bounce to his live set up , Ngoni adroitly takes in a stripped-back yet pumping and melodic approach to his craft, with a minimalesque, synth-rich and drum machine individuality. And with his groundwork done, Ngoni presents himself as a fresh and inspiring artist for a new generation, keeping the future, and hope for it, alive.

Ngoni Egan �?????�????�???�??�?�· Dj/live sets

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