Coco Cobra [Soft Spot]

DJ - Travels from Hanover, GER

Pronouns: she / her

Born and raised in China until 2002, Coco Cobra is a German-based DJ that’s rapidly made a name for herself in the post-pandemic landscapes of modern-day clubbing. Predominately exposed to mainstream, Chinese pop ballads in her youth, the artist’s musical journey took a turn upon moving to Hanover where her newfound surroundings lead to the discovery of an entirely new spectrum of music.

With a vast intake of punk rock, heavy synth and electro revelations ultimately leading to a love for the UK rave, jungle, heavy breaks, and explosive, high energy sounds of her sets today - Coco Cobra now yields a killer taste in radical club music.

Seeing her own talents as a producer surface, most notably, on the Queens of Club: Astral Booty compilation in 2020 - Coco Cobra has since gone on to establish herself as a DJ critical to local scenes and international lineups, featuring in Herrensauna and International Chrome showcases, to Finest Fridays at Panorama Bar in Berlin.

As a co-founder of soft spot - a queer-centered collective based out of Hanover - Coco Cobra is motivated by a desire to push boundaries, create safer spaces and reshape local dancefloors. A testament to the transformative power of music, collective action and the growth of diverse and inclusive platforms.

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