Irakli [Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound / Dial / Staub]

DJ - Travels from Berlin, GER

Originally from Georgia, Irakli’s early descent into the German capital has seen him corner and develop a side of the local scene and turn it into something of an international fare. Ten years ago he created STAUB, one of Berlin’s most celebrated techno parties. As a part of the production duo I/Y, he has been releasing music under the synonymous co-founded label. But most of all, Irakli’s craft behind the decks has been weighed upon by the likeliest of Berlin’s underground venues, with his vision of electronic music taken further afield in Europe, and the Americas. In 2017 he founded the Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound with artists like Stanislav Tolkachev, Natalie Beridze, Rezo Glonti and many others. 2021 Irakli released debut album „Major Signals“ on Dial Records.
Adding orchestral collaborations and sound installations to a field of work outside of the club, Irakli’s expanding platforms and industrious connection to Berlin has seen his entry point into the scene now serve as an outlet into the more abstract, experimental realms of techno. With new endeavors afoot and a creative repertoire to boot, Irakli’s DJ sets, labels and parties always display unique qualities. It does not matter whether he is exploring beatless soundscapes or high energy music, Irakli always manages to create something special.

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