Shredder [Tropical Goth Records]

Live - Travels from Berlin, GER

Bringing new face to the mad science of EBM, Shredder traces a lineage of post punk and goth, channelling the veracity of Nitzer Ebb and Sisters Of Mercy to Alec Empire and the cybers of Berlin’s fetish underground. A techno crossover, Chris Video’s live project has infiltrated the deeper sounds of a Hypnus Recordings night, and to lynchian effect his Tropical Goth showcase and performance reveled in the anarchy of The Horrorist’s ecstasy charged headline. Drawing further DJ support from Mannequin’s Alessandro Adriani, Shredder is a brainchild of New York, now fronting a Berlin- based, transatlantic DJ Crew and independent record label. And with debut and remix EPs producing Shredder’s first cuts, Chris Video’s neon-lit aesthetic of an ‘80s culture-punk resistance is lit.