41ISSA [Live From Earth]

DJ - Travels from Berlin, GER

Entering the world of DJing from a philosophy and sociology background, 41ISSA is an in-demand DJ enchanting Germany’s domestic club scene.

Active since 2016, 41ISSA’s avant-garde approach to DJing has helped the artist develop an unique identify in dance music - allowing her sets to break through into venues like Panorama Bar and Tresor while never stirring too far from the likes of Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt or Blitz club in Munich.

In 2023, with O-Wells, the duo released the BKM EP via Live From Earth, a label and multidisciplinary collective of musicians, filmmakers and artists based in Berlin. Taking influences from their early clubbing years in the late-2000s - the duo’s collaboration came through a joint appreciation of electro, techno and house music.

Catchy melodies backed by reverberating drums and relentless basslines pay testament to 41ISSA’s sound - that can be further appreciated and explored in recordings for the LAYERS Podcast, Live at Robert Johnson, NTS and HÖR.

Bringing together hybrid textures from a broad spectrum of club music - 41ISSA's way is energetic, uplifting and unwavering - radiating an unconventional flair and sonic diversity.

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